Mike Perry

Twin Brothers Make Twin Proposals to Twin Sisters!
Kool Thought: Are You "Playing It Small"? Fri. 8-10-18
Even Alligators Like a Good Back Scratch! Wanna Try?
Kool Thought: One of Life's Biggest Truths! Thur. 8-9-18
Dad Holds "Say No" Sign As Daughter's BF Proposes!
Kool Thought: The Choices You Make; Wed. 8-8-18
NFL Introduces...First Ever Male Cheerleaders!
Kool Thought: Hardest Thing to Learn in Life? Tue. 8-7-18
Sailboat Dragged Around Harbor...By Killer Whale?
Kool Thought: A Key To Eternal Youth? Mon. 8-5-18
Van Driver Intentionally Splashes Pedestrians!
Kool Thought: The Extra Mile; Fri. 8-3-18


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