Mike Perry

Biker "Threads Needle"...Can YOU Handle The Ride??
Kool Thought: Improve Self Confidence; Fri. 10-19-18
Kool Thought: Wise Words From Will Smith
Thief Steals Delivery Package, Recieves Instant Karma
Kool Thought: If You Are Struggling...Wed. 10-17-18
Truck Tries To Climb Mountain Road: Not A Good Idea
Kool Thought: Do YOU Seek Permission? Tue. 10-16-18
Need To De-Stress? Learn From This Guy!
Kool Thought: Knowing Your Self Worth; Mon. 10-15-18
NYC Standoff: Cat vs. Rat...Who Wins?
Kool Thought: Care What Others Think? Fri. 10-12-18
Guy On Train Uses Power Tool To Remove Foot Callouses!


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