The Mo & Sally Show

The Mo & Sally Show

Mo and Sally are a married morning show, and they have been doing radio in South Florida since 1999 and have been doing a show together since 1994....Full Bio


The Transformation Of Mo's New Closet From Closet's By Design

Mo's new closet is in! Thank you to @ClosetsByDesign for the beautiful job you did. We love it. Let's start at the beginning and we will take you through the process.

Here are the "before" photos.

So next we had to get everything out of his closet....

...and then Mo painted it!

Then Mo created a makeshift closet in our living room.

Next our friend and neighbor Sandy recommended these hangers.

Now what to do with the old ones!

Now the team from Closet's By Design arrive and work their magic!

And in just a couple of hours it was done!

Beautiful! Obviously not everything is back in, Mo went to play golf! When he is done, I'll post those photos.

Back from golf but still more to go.

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