Five Highlights From Our Weekend

We hope you had a great weekend, the weather was so nice! Took advantage of the good weather to work on my (Sally's) herb garden. Went to Doris Italian Market and Bakery (my Recipe of the Week Sponsor) and bought some herbs. They have a large variety of herbs for $2.99! I got fennel, dill, basil and cilantro. Added them to my herb garden and hanging pots. Love it!

Saturday was laundry day. One of my least favorite things about doing laundry is sorting all of Mo's black socks. Today was a little more fun because Turk decided to help me. By the way, Turk, is the only cat we have ever adopted. We got him from Adopt-A-Cat in NPB. All of our other cats, Carlin, Stifler, Cleveland, Stewie, Binky and Foster came from the street! I also made a trip to Adopt-A-Cat's Thrift Store. Next Photo.

Mo and I have been doing some redecorating lately, painting, popcorn removal, etc. So with that we have decided to get rid of some art and other items. I took a jeep load of stuff to donate to Adopt-A-Cat's thrift store. You can donate items to them and shop there as well. We've been supporting them ever since we got Turk. They are a no kill, no cage cat shelter.

Adopt A Cat Foundation

Like I said we are doing remodeling. In our master bath we have decided to replace our lights, mirrors and faucets. Mo found new faucets and decided to replace them, but he could not get the old ones out!

And finally we ordered a new cat-scratching post for OC and he loves it!