Sally Took Everything Out Of Her Pantry What's The Oldest Thing She Found?

So I decided to completely clean out my pantry yesterday. I took everything out, wiped out the pantry then checked out everything that was in there to determine if it was going back in or getting tossed. First two photos are before, the next two are of everything from the pantry on the kitchen counters, then the empty pantry (that's Foster) and finally the after. I have to say it was a big job! I found a six pack of Coke that was so old it did not have any fizz to it at all, some drink packets that were hard as a rock, two bottles of olive oil that had spoiled and spices that my mother had given me before I got married! For the record I was not using them I forgot they were even in there. I always thought my pantry was small, but it holds a lot of stuff! - Sally