A Local 4th Grader Makes A Video Thanking Coronavirus Heroes

Hey guys. We wanted to share with you an email we got from a wonderful listener, Vikki.

"Mo and Sally,

I hope you don't mind my contact but I have a story you may be interested in. You both were so nice to Bailee when we met and The story is running now in the Palm Beach Post. Bailee's tribute to COVID-19 Heroes has received more that 2K views on Youtube and her tribute was highlighted in the Palm Beach Post.  

We are exploring all avenues to get Bailee's tribute out to as many heroes as possible. The heroes that save us all everyday. Thanks so much for your help. Bailee has motivated once again by all our HEROES kindness and set out to learn how to spread her Heroes Tribute so ALL HEROES would be able to feel all our love for them. Most Heroes in the video are from Palm Beach County!!

Would would never want to infringe on your time or your colleagues but if you could help spread Bailee's tribute I think the heroes would enjoy having someone put a smile on their own face like they have done for trillions all over the world.  Thanks Mo & Sally."

Isn't that amazing! Bailee is 9 years old and is in the 4th grade at All Saints Catholic School.

Here is a link to the story in The Palm Beach Post.