Getting Stuff Done While Staying At Home

So like many of you Mo and I are getting projects done around the house. One of my projects was to bring my herb garden back to life. Here is what it looked like before. Sad I know.

And now for the after! If you have a place, even a small place, to plant some herbs I highly suggest it. Since I'm limiting my trips for groceries it's nice to pop in (or top off) with some fresh herbs when doing pantry and freezer based cooking.

One of Mo's projects was to clean out the courtyard off the master bathroom. We had some extra pavers that had been sitting in there and on the side of the house for years. Plus it was completely overgrown with ferns and other stuff. A real mess. I have to describe what it looked like to you because her forgot to take a before picture! Here's is how it looks now, and he says he is not quite done!

Stay safe! - Sally