What To Do With Extra Garlic

So the great folks from Garlic Fest can by the station this past week to talk about the event which by the way is happening Saturday and Sunday (February 8 and 9) in John Prince Park. Click here for details.

So of course when they came by they brought us lots of garlic. I took a bunch of it home because we love garlic. But how do you store it without it going bad or sprouting. Here's a great tip the next time you have an abundance of garlic like when you buy it at Costco!

Here's what you do: Peel the garlic cloves, trim any brown patches with a pairing knife and rinse it.

Let the garlic drain completely. Boil some vinegar in a pot. Put the garlic in a sturdy glass jar and pour the hot vinegar over it.

Let the vinegar cool, then seal with a lid and store in your fridge. I've been told it can last up to a year! I can't confirm that but even if it last 6 months I'll be happy! - Sally