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The Mo & Sally Show

Mo and Sally are a married morning show, and they have been doing radio in South Florida since 1999 and have been doing a show together since 1994....Full Bio


Happy National Cat Day, A Look At Our Cats Over The Years

On this National Cat Day I thought I'd take a look back at the cats Mo and I have had over the years. Some are still with us. Sadly four are not.

Our first cat as a married couple was Carlin. He was an adult stray in our neighborhood who followed me home one day when I was walking our 2 dogs. We often referred to him as "The World's Greatest Cat." Carlin crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015 at the age of 16.

Years later, our dogs had passed, we found Stiffler. He was a tiny kitten running down 45th street at 4:30am. We found him on our way to work. He and Carlin became best friends and Stiffler was one of the most personable cats I've ever known. Sadly Stif very suddenly left us two years ago.

About 10 years ago we found Stewie and his brother Cleveland under the dumpster at work. They were just little kittens and very scared. With kindness and love they became wonderful pets! Stewie suffered from some serious health problems and sadly we lost him three years ago. He was the most loving cat, I can't fold laundry without thinking about him. He "helped" me every Sunday!

Cleveland, Stewie's brother, is alive and well and always on our bed! He doesn't like to be picked up but once you are laying on the bed he is all over you. He's a shy cat but very sweet once he gets to know you. He is our quiet cat.

We found Binky in the radio station parking lot, she was fully grown but very small and in heat. (Spay and neuter please!) Some of the male strays were trying to mate with her and getting very rough. So of course we took her. That was in 2014. Binky had some medical issues and died suddenly in 2016. She was funny and curious and a doll.

Then came Turk! We were down to one cat, Cleveland, so we decided to adopt Turk after reading about him in Florida Weekly. He was about 6 when we got him from Adopt-A-Cat. His back right leg was broken when he was a kitten and did not heal properly but that does not slow him down a bit! He's a talker and loves to sit in you lap and watch TV.

And finally the latest edition to our family, Foster. He was terrified and crying outside the radio station this past July. He only weighed a pound but was not easy to catch. We were just going to foster him until he was healthy then find him a home, but I'm a foster failure 5 times over. Foster loves everyone and is into everything.

Happy National Cat Day!

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