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Top 10 Reasons for routine A/C maintenance from our friends at EDS

Our good friends at EDS Air Conditioning and Plumbing have come out with the top 10 reasons you should keep up the maintenance on your AC unit. Good information to have as we enter our steamy South Florida Summer!

Top 10 Reasons for routine A/C maintenance

1. Maximum Energy Efficiency

Regular A/C checkups have been known to reduce your energy bill by ensuring that your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible and not having to work harder to cool your home than it should. And who doesn’t like a lower energy bill?

2. Extends the Life of Unit

Regular checkups help your A/C unit last longer and remain in better quality throughout its’ years of service. Well maintained units can last several year longer than neglected ones.

3. Manufacturer Warranty

Many manufacturers require the homeowners to maintain their A/C unit through regular checkups. Should that warranty ever need to be used and the unit hasn’t been properly maintained, the warranty may be voided leaving you stuck with an expensive repair or replacement. Take a good look at your warranty and make sure you are aware of all necessary maintenance that you are responsible for.

4. Better for our Environment

Along with saving money every month on your energy bills, getting your air conditioning tuned up regularly will reduce the amount of energy that is being used by your unit, and reducing your home’s carbon footprint on the environment. In this day and age, everyone should be doing their part to make environmentally sound decisions and by scheduling regular A/C checkups, you will be doing yours.

5. More Consistent Cooling

An air conditioning unit that is not functioning properly will have a very difficult time consistently cooling your home. You might also notice that throughout your home, the temperature is drastically different depending on which room you are in.

6. Fewer Repairs

During regular checkups, if there is a problem, however small, the technician will be likely to catch it and remedy the situation before it has a chance to become a big problem.

7. Prevent Unexpected Loss of Cooling

Nobody wants to be surprised by a broken air conditioner and complete loss of cooling in your home, especially during the hot summer months. By tuning up your A/C on a regular basis, you’re more likely to avoid these kind of surprises.

8. Savings

The list of ways that regular A/C checkup saves you money is endless. Obviously, you’ll experience lower cooling costs. Longer life means less replacements. Avoiding costly repairs, and protecting your warranty could save you a lot of money. Many people think of air conditioning checkups as an added expense when really, it is a huge money saver!

9. Better Air Quality

It’s extremely important to take care of your home’s indoor air quality. During air conditioning checkups, all your air filters will be cleaned or replaced, therefore ensuring the air you breath is as clean as possible

10. Peace of mind

Air conditioning checkups can give you peace of mind; especially if you’re a seasonal resident. You’ll know that your air conditioning is running efficiently and cooling your home just like it should.

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