Are you ready for the sequel?

Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my favorite films, and one of the best biopics ever....and now we're hearing there MIGHT be another one. Queen's Brain May had been quoted several times in the last few years as saying it is not likely we would see a sequel to the film. That seems to have changed recently however, as IndyWire reports, May recently participated in an Instagram live session in which he seems more optimistic for the chances of another film.

According to the article, May said “We are looking at it. Yeah, we have been looking at ideas,” May said. “It’s going to be hard to follow that one as none of us could have predicted how massive that was going to be. We put a lot of heart and soul into making it and no one could have predicted [its success] as it was bigger than ‘Gone with the Wind.’ But yes, we are thinking maybe it could happen, but it would have to be a great script. It’s going to take a while to figure that out.”

If you ask me (which you didn't but I'm going to say it anyway), I don't think they should do's a great movie and the bar would be set WAY WAY to high to live up to expectations.

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