Man Arrested For Calling 911 About An Ax-Carrying Sasquatch On Attack


This Oregon man cried wolf (or Sasquatch) when he called 911 saying he was being attacked by an angry Sasquatch armed with an ax!

According to reports, Timothy Drennan called authorities screaming, swearing, and threatening as he was being attacked by someone with an ax. It wasn't until cops arrived on scene that he told them it was not a human, but rather a Sasquatch attacking him! As you may expect, however, the Sasquatch nor the ax were on the premises at the time.

With Sasquatch no where to be found, police had no choice but to arrest Drennan for filing a false report and improperly using 911. The police say the only way for Drennan to beat the charges would basically be for Bigfoot to show up at the trial to prove Drennan's case.

According to the district attorney in the area, Drennon did not seem to pose any kind of mental health concern. He was "strictly intoxicated" when he called this in.

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Source: Coast To Coast, KOBI-TV NBC5

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