"In A Dogs' World, Humans Are Elves That Live To Be 500+ Years Old"

Which one of these bizarre shower thoughts do you most relate to?

1. In a dogs' world, humans are elves that routinely live to be 500+ years old. 

2. A couple of decades after we settle on another planet, there will be conspiracy theories of earth not existing...

3. It completely makes sense that the intended audience of fidget spinners lost interest so quickly.

4. Despite the fact that you have a computer in your pocket, the best thing to unclog a toilet is still a stick and some rubber. 

5. At home it's weird for two people to eat two different meals for dinner, but at a restaurant it's weird to order the same thing. 

6. We thoroughly clean our dishes with detergent and hot water, but we're content with just a quick rinsing of our toothbrush.

7. Everytime you paint a room, it gets a tiny bit smaller.

8. Maybe cats are rude to us because we don't purr, so they think they never make us happy.

9. It's interesting how the human body can give birth to other human bodies, but cannot regenerate organs or critical body parts for itself.

10. It can take days, weeks, and even years to decide you love someone, but it takes two minutes to decide you love a dog (or cat).

Source: Huffington Post (with quotes from Reddit). 

Skip Kelly

Skip Kelly

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