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Sally's Recipe of the Week

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Sally's Recipe Of The Week: Veggie Pita Pizzas

Veggie Pita Pizzas (Can add meat toppings if you want!)

Serves 4

Hey guys, everyone is different when it comes to pizza toppings. Don’t like onions, leave them off. Want some sliced jalapenos, put them on.You can even add sliced pepperoniif you want.Don’t skip the carrots and zucchini and the peppers give it a beautiful color!If you don’t have the baby bell, you can use regular just REALLY slice them thin.

Here is what you need:

4 whole wheat whole pitas – if you can find the ones with no pocket even better

1 small zucchini, grated on the large holes of a box grater

1 small carrot, grated on the large holes of a box grater*

4 TBS very thinly sliced onion

1 8 ounce can tomato puree (1 cup)

1 tsp Italian seasoning or dried oregano

1 to ½ cups shredded mozzarella cheese – depends on how much you like

2 to 3 TBS fresh grated Parmesan cheese

4 baby bell peppers, thinly sliced into rings, can take out seeds or not

dried oregano, garlic powder and crushed red pepper flakes for topping, optional

Olive oil

Kosher salt and black pepper

*Don’t use pre-grated carrots. They are too dry and thick.

Here is what you need to do:

Place a rack just one tier lower than the center of your oven. Preheat the oven to 425.

Cover a large rimmed backing sheet with parchment paper.Place pitas on sheet and brush with a little olive oil, concentrating mostly along the edges.

In a small glass bowl, add sauce, half of your grated carrots and zucchini, Italian seasoning and a little salt and pepper, if needed.Mix well.Place ¼ cup of mixture on the center of each pita. Spread evenly around the pitas but make sure you do not go all the way to the edge of the pita. Leave about a ¼ inch.

Sprinkle pitas evenly with both cheeses then top evenly with remaining zucchini, carrots, pepper rings and onion.Sprinkle lightly (or not so lightly) with oregano and red pepper.

Slide pitas in the oven and bake for 15 minutes.Again on the rack just below the center. The edges of should be browned and crisp and the cheese bubbling. Put on cutting board, cut into wedges. Let's Eat!!

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