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Sally's Recipe of the Week

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Sally's Recipe Of The Week: Jamacian Jerk Pasta

Jamaican Jerk Pasta

Serves 2

Here is what you need:

2 TBS olive oil

kosher salt

½ of a large onion, sliced

1 or 2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and sliced or ½ green bell sliced

½ red bell pepper, seeded and sliced

½ orange or yellow bell pepper seeded and sliced

3 cloves garlic chopped

1 to 2 TBS jerk seasoning

2/3 cup coconut milk (if you don’t like coconut substitute half and half or heavy cream)

½ can (14 ounce) diced fire roasted tomatoes (or diced tomatoes or fresh)

2/3 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese

8 ounces of fettuccine pasta (or any long pasta of your liking)

Seared shrimp or chicken strips(optional) Seasoned with more jerk seasoning and some more olive oil.

Chopped parsley for serving.

Here is what you need to do:

Heat 2 TBS of olive oil in a large pan on medium heat and add the onion and peppers season with a little salt. Note taste your jerk seasoning, if it’s salty you may want to skip the salt. You want to cook the peppers and onions down until they soften but are not mushy. Add in the garlic and jerk seasoning and cook, stirring, for about a minute.

Add the tomatoes and their juice to the pan and cook them down for 5 minutes then add in the coconut milk.

Turn off the heat and stir in the Parmesan cheese. 

Cook the pasta in salted boiling water about a minute or two shy of the directions. Add the pasta to the sauce. It will continue cooking in there. Reserve a little cooking water to loosen the sauce if necessary.

If you are adding shrimp or chicken, in a separate pan, heat oil over medium high heat. Season your protein with the jerk seasoning and a little salt if needed. Cooking time will depend on what you are searing. Just make sure it’s cooked through.

Plate the pasta/peppers/onions and top with the shrimp or chicken then sprinkle with parsley. 

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