Front Thong Is The Latest Fashion Trend

Get ready for the front wedgies! The front thong is the latest fashion trend and surprisingly, people are buying them up!

This company called has unleashed this new concept bodysuit where the thong is in the front. Th e “Basic V Neck Ruched Front Thong Bodysuit” is taking the internet by storm.

While some are loving the look (and the price at only $12), others are saying that this is a "crime against humanity".

One girl posted it to Instagram saying " That’s been designed by someone that’s never had their devils doorbell chafed to bits by an accidental front wedgie, or as I call it, a nub rub...".

So what do you think? Ladies, will you be buying one? Guys, do you find this attractive?

Source: Instagram (@Hilary_Robyn)

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