Florida's Back To School Sales Tax Holiday Now Underway

Florida's 3-day back to school sales tax holiday is underway and there is a major change from last year.  

If you were holding off on purchasing a new computer or other technology item in hopes of saving some money, the state Legislature did not include those in the 2018 holiday.  

What you will not pay sales tax on includes any clothing items, shoes and certain accessories costing $60 or less and most school supplies up to $15 each.  

Examples of some tax-exempt supplies?  Binders, folders, calculators, pens, pencils and lunchboxes. Books are not included.  

Backpacks are tax-free and listed under the clothing section of the tax-free items this weekend.  That means you can purchase a backpack or book bag costing up to $60.

The holiday expires at 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Click Here for a full rundown of what is and what is not tax exempt this weekend.

Image: Florida Dept. of Revenue

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