Little Girl To 911 Dispatcher: "Last Night She Fell Asleep...Over and Over"

A story that seemingly encapsulates the opioid epidemic here in Palm Beach County.  A mother is found unconscious at the wheel of a van in Boca Raton, with her crying five year old in the back.  

Someone spotted 30-year old Colleen Nichols knocked out in the driver's seat Monday morning and called police when they noticed the little girl in the back seat.  When police arrived, they say the child cried out that she just wanted to go to school.  It was her fifth birthday.  

Fire Rescue crews used the drug Narcan to revive Nichols, after which she claimed that she hadn't used heroin.  

The woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out before being arrested for child neglect.  

While searching the van, investigators found a bottle of the sedative Klonopin, with only two pills inside. The prescription for 30 had just been filled a day earlier.

Click Here to hear the 911 call between the little girl and the police dispatcher.

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