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Two Florida Cities Land on Top 10 Thanksgiving Travel Destinations List

Midtown Manhattan

Photo: Getty Images

If you are thinking of traveling for Thanksgiving this year, AAA's list indicates that these are the top cities to travel to. One Florida city came out on top. We are thinking warm weather and sunshine has something to do with it.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving is set to be the busiest. The Sunday after the holiday is expected to be the most expensive. The cheapest flights will be on Thanksgiving day.

1)Orlando, FL

2)New York, NY

3)Anaheim, CA

4)Fort Lauderdale, FL

5)Atlanta, GA

6)Phoenix, AZ

7)Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

8)Las Vegas, NV

9)Charlotte, NC

10)Maui, HI

Downtown Orlando

Photo: Getty Images

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