Jodi Stewart

Jodi Stewart

My biggest passion always was and still is music. I wanted to be a Rock Star, but I couldn’t sing very well or play an instrument, so I decided a...Full Bio


This South Florida City has the Most Time Sucking Commute in the State

This South Florida City is the Most Time Sucking Commute in the State

24/7 Wall Street just came out with a list of the Cities Where People Lose the Most Time Driving Each Year.

1.New York, NY

2.Los Angeles, CA

3.Miami, FL

4.Baton Rouge, LA

5.San Francisco, CA

6.Chicago, IL

7.Honolulu, HI

8.Riverside, CA

9.Seattle, WA

10.Philadelphia, PA

Massive Infrastructure Proposal Debuted Within President Trump's Budget Plan

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