Florida Couple Holds Baby Alligator For Their Maternity Photo

Baby Alligator

Forget the beach, the maternity photo one Florida couple took is the most iconic pre baby photo of all time!

Lindsey and Jonathan Tuttle shared a maternity photo to Facebook of them HOLDING an alligator like a baby! The couple said they were getting some last minute practice in before their baby was born. They were trying to bottle feed the alligator and apparently it didn't go well. No, they didn't try breastfeeding, that was made very clear.

To add to it, the photo also features a Florida flag, a shotgun, and a case of bud light. The only thing missing is a pub sub!

But c'mon! Is this not the most Florida Photo ever?

"Last minute practice for baby. Alligators dont like to bottlefeed, apparently.... Didnt try to breastfeed. Photography by Trisha Bergold " -Lindsey Tuttle 💕


Source: WFLA, Photo: Facebook Lindsey Tuttle

Florida Front Row

Florida Front Row

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