Fisherman Smokes Out Of Dead Shark While Listening To Baby Shark

An Australian fisherman has sparked a public outrage after posting a video of himself smoking out of a dead shark all while listening to the viral children's song "Baby Shark".

Billy and his friends are seen on the fishing boat smoking out of the dead shark through a mouthpiece inserted near the dorsal fin. The video has since pulled in thousands of views and dozens of comments, some angry, some saying who cares?

However, Billy received so much backlash that he had to make a public statement and take down his social accounts.

The video of Billy smoking out of the dead shark can be seen below, but we have to warn you that it is graphic. What do you think about this?

" Lets clear some air up on this[,] the shark was caught by my mate fishing when we were fishing for mangrove jacks on Friday,” the statement read. “After two nights left in the ice box I came up with the idea. There is no possible way it was alive,” the statement continued. “It was tobacco id happily take a drug test to prove.” “I never thought id have to do this but today has become too much 4 admins run this page and all of us have spent our whole day filtering removing and coping abusive messages as far as to death threats. But due to todays [sic] recent events I have to walk away from social media my mental health is way more important.” -Billy


Source: DailyMail, Fox News

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