DuBois Park In Jupiter Will Not Be Implementing Parking Fees

If you're a Jupiter resident, you may have seen or heard about this glaring sign that was posted at DuBois Park on January 11th. The sign announced new parking fees for visitors would be implemented in March.

Well, we are happy to report after much backlash that the proposed parking fees will NOT go into effect! According to Palm Beach County Commissioner, Hal Valeche, fees at DuBois Park are off the table.

"The fees aren't going into effect. That I can say with certainty." -Hal Valeche

The fees were proposed as a measure of crowd control as this park tends to be heavily populated year round. The overcrowding at the park put a strain on lifeguards and make it difficult for public safety officials to enter the park. New suggestions to manage the number of visitors include a gate and traffic regulation by Jupiter Police.

DuBois Park in Jupiter

DuBois Park in Jupiter

The sign posted on park property originally stated:


Parking fees will be required beginning March 1, 2019.

Fees Apply Weekends And Holidays.

PBC Residents: $10/Day

Non-Residents: $20/Day

Source: Palm Beach Post, Jupiter Daily

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