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Meet Tyra The Creative

Tyra The Creative

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Dreaming Out Loud: Introducing Tyra the Creative

What do you get when you add an actress, content creator, plant-based pastry chef, and photographer? You get fierce 26 year old Tyra the Creative! Tyra G. Morrison may be from a small town in Louisiana, but she has a very big personality and is undoubtedly an inspiration for young Black girls and other aspiring creatives all over the world. Her intense desire to achieve her personal and professional goals is unmatched.

Tyra’s main passion is acting. Her hunger to chase her dream of building an extensive résumé resulted in her move to Los Angeles, California, and on her first audition ever, she managed to land the role of Young Amelia in the Netflix Original sitcom, “Family Reunion,” which received a 2021 NAACP Image Award. “Acting can provide healing, gives you the opportunity to be vulnerable, the ability to explore different walks of life and emotions, without it being so real.” Although Tyra envisions taking her acting to the next level by starring in movies, obtaining a permanent role in a TV series, and one day having her own TV show, her primary career is a Content Creator.

“I am on a mission to help Black creatives escape fear and share their creativity with the world without compromising their faith, creativity, integrity, and without breaking the bank.” Tyra is an avid YouTuber with a variety of motivational and entertaining content ranging from skits and parodies, to mental health awareness, sorority life, acting advice, and more. She recently unveiled her new website,, where she offers one-on-one consultations, YouTube evaluations, inspirational merchandise, and other services. She continued her creative vision with the launch of her first podcast, Affirmations for Black Girls, which focuses on personal growth and development, life experiences, financial freedom, and tips to help others reach their fullest potential. Tyra views herself as “a mirror to aid people in seeing the best in themselves.”

Her most creative trait is her ability to conceptualize. She can visualize something and make it happen exactly how she imagined it, which is a necessary skill as a plant-based pastry chef. She is given ideas, and successfully brings them to life. Some of her creations included a flying airplane cake, popcorn cake, and other impressive designs. Tyra’s advice to anyone transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle is to “do it for you, and give yourself grace.”

When she’s not acting, creating new content, or constructing a masterpiece in the kitchen, she can be found creating memories behind a camera. Being a photographer gives Tyra the opportunity to “tell a story and see the excitement come through the photo.” Her favorite photo is the last candid shot, taken with her embracing the first lady of her church, Robbin Hardy, of Faith, Hope & Love Worship Center of St. Francisville, Louisiana. Robbin Hardy played a pivotal role in Tyra’s life, and is the sole reason Tyra knows how to dream. She inspired Tyra to create a dream book when she was eleven years old, and she has never stopped dreaming since. “I made a promise that every time I speak of her, I will always talk about her in such a high regard and share her legacy. Your dreams can fade out if you’re not actively pursuing them, but she is the sole reason that I know how to dream, and I’m so glad that I have that photo of us.”

Be on the lookout for Tyra the Creative and watch all of her dreams come true!

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