Harry Styles' Mom Responds To Negative Comments About His Buzz Cut

Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles' mom has something to say about fans who are upset that the singer recently shaved his hair off. On Friday, November 17th, Anne Twist took to her Instagram account to share a photo of Harry with his new buzz cut and send a direct message to any negative comments about it.

"When you consider that H has a legacy of kindness and inclusion, has always made every effort to make everyone feel seen and appreciated for exactly who they are … there’s an irony in the negativity he’s been shown for having a haircut," she wrote in the caption. "Sorry but I don’t get it."

After fans on the internet were shocked by seeing photos of Styles with his hair buzzed off at a concert last week, the Grammy winner returned to Instagram this Thursday with a new photo posted by his beauty brand Pleasing to announce the release of new fragrances.

Last Thursday, November 10th, the internet lit up as TMZ shared photos of the Grammy winner showing off his new buzzed head while attending U2's Las Vegas residency at the Sphere with his girlfriend Taylor Russell. According to the gossip site, Styles and Russell were "hanging with a big group of friends, and everyone was having a great time -- even dancing in a circle toward the end of the night." However, fans were more interested in Styles' shocking hair change as this is the first time the singer has ever cut off all of his signature brown locks.

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