Adele Sparks More Marriage Speculation With Rich Paul After Fan Interaction

Photo: Getty Images

Adele has reignited the speculation that she secretly married her boyfriend Rich Paul. During a performance of her Las Vegas residency Weekends with Adele on Saturday night (September 16th), a fan asked if the Grammy winner would marry her.

"You can't marry you. I'm straight, my love," Adele responded while doing her routine walk through the audience. "My husband's here tonight. He's here," she said, looking back towards Paul. When the fan asked, "can you try?" Adele doubled down, "Oh, no! I don't want to try. I'm with Rich. You're crazy. Leave me alone." Fans were shocked to hear Adele call Paul her husband in the video below. "No.stop. MOTHER IS MARRIED?" one fan commented on the video. "She's married?! When?" another asked.

While Adele has yet to confirm the marriage, it was reported that she and Paul got engaged at the beginning of this year. In February, the online gossip Instagram account, DeuxMoi, reported that 'very reliable sources' revealed that the couple was currently planning a summer wedding. The singer was also spotted wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding finger during her most recent show at her Las Vegas residency at the time.

Adele opened up about engagement rumors in her 2022 Elle cover story after the massive diamond ring she wore to the Brit Awards in February prompted speculation. “I’m not engaged. I just love high-end jewelry, boy!” she told the magazine. However, speculation among fans has continued. Last September, they spotted a game of Rummikub with a customized label that read "The Paul's" in a photo of Adele showing off her first Emmy award. The detail prompted some people to believe that the couple had secretly married. While fans were quick to celebrate in the comments, other fans noticed that the apostrophe is misplaced making them think it could just belong to Paul or it was a grammatically incorrect wedding gift.

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