Ellen DeGeneres Trolls Steve Harvey About Daughter Dating Michael B. Jordan

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Ellen DeGeneres might not have realized she was trolling Steve Harvey when he appeared on her show, but the reaction was hilarious anyway. First, DeGeneres asked Harvey about the matching Christmas pajamas the whole family wore, asking whose idea it was because “it was adorable.” Harvey credited his wife, Marjorie, saying “you know I don’t think of nothing like that,” (followed by lamenting over the cost of the custom-made Dolce & Gabbana pajamas rather than picking out an inexpensive set: “When I saw the bill on that, I almost threw up”).

Then, DeGeneres asked Harvey whether Michael B. Jordan spent Christmas with the Harvey family, since the actor is dating Harvey’s daughter, Lori.

When DeGeneres asked her guest whether Jordan spent the holidays with the family, a picture of Jordan and Lori filled the screen. In the photo, Lori is sitting on her boyfriend’s lap. The audience’s cheers for Lori and Jordan quickly turned to laughter as Harvey’s face said it all: “I’ve never seen that picture before.” As DeGeneres laughed at his reaction, Harvey continued: “I’m very uncomfortable with that picture right there. I’m not really feeling that picture.”

Harvey revealed that this was Jordan’s second Christmas with the family, and applauded him as a good gift-giver (“that’s why I like him”). Jordan gave Harvey a box of 100 cigars, and bought Lori’s mom a new set of skis. Here’s what Harvey said about Jordan’s future with his daughter:

“You know, I’m pulling for him because he’s a really good guy, man, comes from a good family… So, I’m kinda pulling for him. But at the same time, I’m just, I got my eye on him, you know? I can’t whoop him, but, if he ever turn around, I’m gonna knock his a** out.”

Watch the hilarious interview here:

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