South Florida Fair

The 2020 South Florida Fair will be a celebration of popular sports in our community. Experience the essence of sports - competition, fair play, and the zeal to win - at this year's themed exposition!

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Interactive and educational sports exhibits will pave the way as you stroll through the Expo Center. The Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America exhibition, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and the Florida Humanities Council, will teach our visitors the cultural impact and importance of the different sports in American communities. The National Baseball Hall of Fame's "Picturing America's Pastime" offers a snapshot of the photograph collection in the Museum's photo archive, spanning almost 150 years.

Virtual reality has become immensely popular. At this year's Fair, you can strap on a VR headset and experience simulated realities in a variety of sports like golf, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, baseball and more. A batting cage, a pitching cage and a field goal kick will be available to test your skills as well.

After all of the excitement of the Expo, be sure to enjoy the great fair food and the exhilarating rides.Take time to visit informative agricultural and community exhibits and learn all about Florida's history in Yesteryear Village.

The South Florida Fair wants you to PLAY BALL, PLAY FAIR! Join us January 17- February 2.

Source: South Florida Fair