Dog Aging Project Needs 10,000 Dogs For Science

How do dogs age? Too quickly if you ask most people! My best friend, Ambrose, lived 14 years. I would have done anything to have more time with him. Now scientists are trying to unlock the mysteries of how dogs age. They are looking for 10,000 dogs to study for the Dog Aging Project, aimed at helping them live happier, healthier lives. That will be good for us and them. The project will collect all kinds of data and even test various drugs that may help them live longer. Dogs will live at home, and data will be collected and shared. Click here for more information and to nominate your dog to be part of the study.

Here's a picture of my buddy, Ambrose. A Lab/Setter mix. Note the grey hair! If he was still around I'd love to participate in the study. Hopefully it leads to breakthroughs in canine longevity. It's so hard to lose them, I could never replace him...maybe someday.



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