Boat Stuck For 101 Years On Niagara Falls Finally Moves

Imagine how cool it would be to see it go over the falls! Just sayin'. Now...I wonder how terrified it's original occupants must have been?? I also found an interesting video about all of the daredevils who have gone over the falls in a barrel over the years. Scroll down to check it out.

NIAGARA FALLS (CBS12) — A boat that's been stuck on the rocks above Niagara Falls has been freed. Wind and rain from a recent storm last week pushed the boat away from its rocky perch on the Canadian side of the falls. The Niagara Parks Commission says the boat flipped on its side, marking the first time the boat's moved any distance for more than a century. The iron scow has been stuck in the Niagara River since 1918 after it became disconnected from its tug boat with two men on board. The men were ultimately rescued. No word on whether the boat will stay in its new spot for days or years. The Niagara Parks staff will monitor it.