Local Couple Brings Art To Good Samaritan To Help Others Heal

What a cool way to give back to others and share your passion!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — A local couple is bringing their passion for art to those who need it most. Cheryl Maeder and Gary Antonio first came to Good Samaritan Medical Center when Gary was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During his month-long stay at the hospital, the couple shared their talent and love of art with the hospital staff. Their pieces were such a hit, the CEO of the hospital asked if the pair would display some of their work in the lobby for others to enjoy. “People have been coming in and going on, ‘I love it. I feel like I’m in a hotel,’” Maeder said. “Everyone has just been saying such wonderful reviews about the work.”

Maeder and Antonio’s work have been shown nationally and internationally, but both agree it is a different level of honor to know your work is touching those who may be struggling.

“There’s been studies that show artwork can help the healing process and actually for the family members here it’s a way to just relax and be outside the room sometimes and have something beautiful to look at that makes them feel something,” added Tara McCoy the CEO of Good Samaritan Medical Center. If visitors like what they see, they can buy a piece of art right off the wall. With each one sold, the couple will replace it with another work of their art.

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