4 Simple Hurricane Hacks You Can Use In A Pinch

As we wait to see what happens with Hurricane Dorian, here are some simple hacks that might come in handy in the event of flooding and power outages. In addition the the ones in the video, I saw where some people put ice in the washing machine to keep food cold. It's very well insulated and as the ice melts it will just do down the drain. Also, remember to fill your bathtub with water (before the storm). You can use that water in a bucket to flush toilets if you lose water pressure. Just don't forget you are filling the tub or you'll end up flooding the bathroom. Yep I did that! And I will never live it down with my wife. Ha-ha! Remember too that many cars, and especially trucks/SUVs, have regular AC outlets in them. Sometimes you need to push a button to activate. If you need a cell phone charge in a pinch you can plug it in...and if you take a drive somewhere while the power is out be sure to plug in devices to top them off on the drive. Make sure you have battery operated radios. You can listen to storm coverage on KOOL 105.5 when the power goes out zapping your TV.

For more info, visit ou Operation Stormwatch page by clicking here.