Florida Mom Celebrates Back-To-School

This reminds me of our own afternoon guy Skip Kelly, who takes an annual (and hilarious) picture of his kids heading (reluctantly) back to school. Scroll down to see Skips 2019 post! Oh, and...happy back-to-school!

CLERMONT, Fla. (CBS12) —Florida moms celebrate the first day back to school in a hilarious social media post.

The Facebook post on theWee Winks PhotographyFacebook page shows the four women posing in their pajamas, wine in-hand, with a sign that says "First Day of School 2019 #ByeFelicia" and a photo caption saying "we'll be juuuuuust fine!!"

The Sun-Sentinelreportsthat Shawna Genua, 38, who owns Wee Winks Photography in the town of Clermont snapped the photo of her gal pals Jennifer, Bridgett and Robyn on Tuesday after they sent their kids off to school.

Genua says that between the four of them, they have 18 children, according to the report.

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