Kids Taste Test New Palm Beach County School Lunch Menu Items

With school starting this week, the Palm Beach County School District tested some new school lunch menu items with the toughest critics...the kids themselves! Check how it turned out.

Courtesy CBS12:

The Palm Beach County School District unveiled the new items on their menu ahead of the first day of school, giving students a chance to taste test them before they debut. The new items include chicken parmesan sandwiches, crispy mandarin chicken salads, seasoned red beans, fiesta omelets, and falafel. The menu offers a little something for everyone. “I got bored a lot last year because they had like no other choices so I like the new things,” said fifth grader Ashlyn Martin. Allison Monbleau, the Director of School Food Service, says they’re also working with local farmers so when items get picked, they get right to a distributor then to the schools that same week. “They’re getting fresh corn cobbettes, fresh green beans, strawberries; we try to do that throughout the whole school year so at least once a week we have something on the menu.”

This year the district is also expanding their supper program which offers a five component meal at some of their schools before kids go home for the night.Free breakfast is also available for all students, regardless of their need.

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