New Coke Makes A Comeback On Stranger Things

New Coke is baaaaack. At least in season 3 of Stranger Things, where the year is 1985 (when New Coke was introduced). in this hilarious scene, Lucas takes some flak because he says he loves the taste! You can even buy stranger Things New Coke Collector sets in the Coke store, with -wait for it - actual new Coke! But enjoying the taste it is up to you! I actually might have to spring for one set I found. This "Limited Edition Collector's Pack" contains:

1 8-oz glass bottle of Coca-Cola with a Stranger Things-inspired label

1 8-oz bottle of Coke Zero Sugar with a Stranger Things-inspired label

2 complimentary cans featuring the 1985 New Coke recipe

They also offer free shipping, all for $19.95. Click here to check it out. Who knew Coke would get us on the back end of what was once labeled the worst marketing disaster of all time. For that story...another video below :). Cheers!

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