Jupiter Company Let's You Dive With Sharks During Shark Week

Personally, I've never done this, but it does look like fun!

JUPITER, Fla. (CBS12) —Shark Week is one of the most watched TV series on the Discovery Channel featuring the great predators of the ocean, and South Florida waters are home to about a dozen species.

Researchers are also constantly discovering new types of sharks, the most recent known as the Pocket Shark.

Scientists at Tulane University found the Pocket Shark in the Gulf of Mexico. They say only two of them have ever been seen, but the five-and-a-half-inch shark glows-in-the-dark which attracts food straight to them.

Many people in South Florida seek the thrill of shark diving, and Shark Addicts in Jupiter helps makes it happen.

Cameron Nimmo, the handler and feeder at Shark Addicts, explained, "We take anybody out to see the sharks... there are hundreds of species, it's just amazing how many varieties of sharks are out there."

Nimmo has never seen a Pocket Shark, but says it's his mission to show others that sharks aren't just blood-thirsty killers.

"We show people the true side of sharks and not the man-eaters," he explained.

Nimmo says sharks aren't scary, rather they're misunderstood. He encourages people to safely hop in the water before being afraid.

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