Fort Peirce Father Honored For Saving Stranger From Burning Pickup

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (CBS12) —A man puts his life on the line for a stranger trapped inside a burning truck. The St. Lucie County Fire District recognized Doug Green of Fort Pierce his bravery. The husband and father of four says he does not want to take credit for it; he says it was a team effort. “Just instinct, just instinct,” said Green when asked why he did it. Green does not call himself a hero.

“A couple of seconds after we set her down, I thought I better get this on video," he said. "Nobody’s going to believe this."

Green’s cellphone video captured firefighters dousing the fast flames moments after he says he helped pull the severely injured woman out of her burning pickup truck. “It’s surreal. It’s definitely something I won’t forget," he said.