Massive Explosion At Plantation Shopping Center Causes Extensive Damage

Officials are still combing through the debris in Plantation at the "Market On University" shopping center which is nest to the popular "Fountains" Shopping Center...the site of the explosion Saturday morning. The force of the blast was so strong that it rattled the windows of our house 5 miles away! It was so startling I thought someone had thrown a large "cherry bomb" type firecracker onto our pool deck and I went out to investigate. We watched continuous coverage on Miami TV stations most of the day. The cause is a suspected gas explosion in an empty Pizza restaurant. There is a business next door where kids learn computer coding, and an any other day it would have been full of children...luckily they were closed for the holiday weekend. Even a Publix around the corner had ceiling tiles falling down, according to one report.

There were reportedly 21 people injured, a few of them seriously, but amazingly no one was killed, which when you see the devastation, was nothing short of a miracle.