Inappropriate Yearbook Comments Cut Out Of Students Yearbooks

From our partners at CBS12: A yearbook controversy has parents and students at Sumner High School in Washington state furious. When students got their yearbook, some of the pages had been cut out because of "inappropriate" senior quotes. Inappropriate' senior quotes prompts Sumner school to cut pages out of yearbooks (Video: Tammy Mutasa). Now students said they feel like they're getting punished when it could have been avoided. The memories from the Sumner Spartans Class of 2019 yearbook have been spliced and diced. "This is where the senior quotes were and they decided to take a box cutter or a knife and not even delicately cut out the pages," explained student Amanda Fullmer to KOMO News.

It's a tradition for seniors to submit quotes next to their picture in the yearbook, but after thousands of yearbooks had already been printed, parents complained about inappropriate and offensive quotes from some seniors that made it into the yearbook. Some of the quotes referenced drug use or were sexual in nature.

(KOMO Photo)