Workplace Pranks That Have People Screaming and Running for the Door

Scaring people is nothing new, but this compilation really shows the full range of workplace pranks. See if you recognize any of these. The mouse at 2:45 reminds of my family. We used to scare each other all the time for sport. My mother was terrified of mice, so we found a great fake rubber mouse and put it in the under sink cabinet. Mom screamed like bloody murder and actually climbed on a chair in the kitchen. It took a few minutes to calm her down. Also, I remember that I had a "Creepy Crawler" bug making set, where you pour colored liquid into molds and heat them up. I used to make realistic looking roaches and put them in my sister's bathroom drinking glass. She would let out a scream that the neighbors could hear! We spent lots of time hiding and waiting to get the reaction. Dysfunctional? Sure. Fun? You betcha!! Happy pranking.