Nutella Gives Worst Advice For World Password Day

The most common password is "123456", the 4th most common is "password". Today is World Password Day, and Nutella is giving some of the worst advice, suggesting we use "Nutella"? Hopefully they are joking, but then some people won't get the joke and will use it. Yikes! Click here to learn more about password security. It's more about length than random characters. Typically a long phrase is better. "kenlikestoplaymusicontheradio" is infinitely better than "K3n$95159c", and easier to remember. After all, what's the use of a password if you can't remember it to begin with? Most of our workplaces demand we use caps, symbols, etc, so a straight phrase isn't always possible. Just remember the longer the better. Oh, and happy World Password Day!