Sally's Recipe Of The Week: Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Serves 4

Here is what you will need:

1 1/2 cups lentils

2 cups chopped onions

2 cups chopped leeks, white and light green part only

3 cloves of garlic minced

3 TBS olive oil

½ tsp dried thyme (or use fresh if you have it)

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 ½ cups diced celery

1 ½ cups diced carrots

1 1/2 quarts chicken stock

3 TBS tomato paste

2 TBS red wine vinegar

kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Fresh chopped parsley

Soak your lentils in very hot water for 15 minutes, then drain them. Chop up your onions, carrots and celery.

The leeks take a bit more work because they can have sand in them. So cut off the stalk, peel off the tough outer layer and slice the leek in half length wise. Then slice the leeks into little half moons.

Then you want to rinse them well and let drain.

In a large soup pot,saute the onions, celery, carrots and leeks in olive oil with the thyme, cumin and some salt and pepper. Cook low and slow until the vegetables are soft.

Add in the garlic and tomato paste and stir until fragrant.

Add in the chicken stock and lentils. Turn up the heat and bring to a boil then turn down the heat.

Cover and let simmer for an hour, giving it an occasional stir.

When the lentils are tender, add in the vinegar and taste. Add seasoning if necessary. Toss in the fresh parsley and stir it in.

Ladle into a bowl and grate some Parmesan on top. Let's Eat!!

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