LED Lightbars Mounted On Vehicles Are A Danger To Other Drivers

Some recent drama on my dash cam. Most of my daily drive between West Palm Beach and from Ft. Lauderdale is routine and boring, but occasionally I see something I think is worth sharing. Here is a collection from the recent past. From blinding LED lightbars, to giant boxes in the middle of I-95. It's all "Caught on Camera". And let me say a word about these "lightbars". Apparently, there are no regulations and no one yet thinks this is a problem...but I'm here to say it's very dangerous. Lots of these things are mounted on the hoods or below the bumpers of big pickup trucks and not aimed down at the road, but right into the eyes of oncoming drivers. Hopefully, someone will tell these photon punchers to take it down a notch. I've already noticed that the new LEDs on the latest cars are bad enough, but at least they seemed to be aimed properly for the most part. On the the dashcam drama video:

Nothing like a gimormous box on I-95. Not only was it big, it looked as though there might be some heavy objects inside. All it takes is one driver to swerve uncontrollably to start a chain reaction. Luckily everyone handled this well and we all got through.

This was my Friday drive on the Sawgrass Expressway. I wondered why everyone was going so slow, and as I began to pass people I realized why! There was an unmarked State Patrol vehicle! BRAKE NOW! LOL...not that I was really "speeding" per se, but he certainly could have lit me up if I passed him at the speed we were going. I noticed the spotlight on the drivers door first, and then saw the signature black "State Trooper" plate with the shield on it. All ended well, and no tickets were issued. I love to follow these guys and watch as the speed demons zoom up only to freak out when they notice. It's quite fun, because often there is no one there to stop them.