Take A Minute To Go Virtual Skiing In Colorado On Presidents Day Weekend

Arapaho Basic, or A-Basin as it's known to those lucky enough to call themselves local, is America's highest lift-served ski area. I ought to know, I reported on the resort numerous times in my 6 years in Colorado doing what we called "Slope Scope". It was truly a labor of love. And, yes we skied for free! We went all over the state, but this was always my favorite area. I started out as a beginning skier, but eventually was doing expert runs (I had plenty of bruises along the way). My favorite run there is called "Pallavichini", a mogul studded vertical wall that puts the fear of God into those who dare to look down from the top of the run. Guarded by a foreboding triple diamond symbol, it's not a run to take lightly...but I guess I was young and adventurous. I remember my first time down. I basically crawled from bump to bump, praying I would make it down alive. Eventually I was zipping down and laughing at those trembling newbies at the top (that took years). But boy, do I miss those times. Anyway, I ran across this video, which is basically a little ad for the resort I guess. But the thought of fresh powder on that mountain makes me feel young again! Enjoy. I'm also including another video I found of a skier going down Pallavichini so you can get an idea of what it is like from the view of the skier. Happy skiing! ...on Presidents Day weekend.