Monitor Lizard Terrorizes Davie Neighborhood

I live in Davie, which makes this story even more unsettling.  This happened way East of my home (at Griffin and 441).  There seem to be lots of big Lizards in that area...many start out as pets, but become too much to deal with, so people toss them by a canal and take off. Gee, thanks a lot!  

I can't imagine seeing this thing in my yard.  As the homeowner says in the video, their mouths are full of bacteria so you really don't want to be bitten by one and I can't imagine they are very even tempered. can see this thing in the back of the Fish and Wildlife officer's truck at one point and it looks like he has it on a leash?  It's looking out the window, almost seems sad.  Maybe it's friendly?  Who knows. 

Out wildlife encounters in the area have been few.  My wife saw two giant snakes that greeted her on the way out the door one day...and I saw what seemed to be a rabid possum in our back yard (Yikes!), but  that is the extent of our wildlife sightings.  May be a good thing.  I'll have to keep an eye out for these kinds of creatures when bolting out the door running off to work.