Miami Monkey Diddy Kong Is So Adorable He Has A Million Followers

We should all be so famous!  This monkey in Miami started out with humble beginnings.  His human mom made a few videos, but the videos caught on and his YouTube followers have grown exponentially to over a million!  Best of all, his name is Diddy Kong!  Love it!  Check him out romping around with his little diaper on.  He even has a friend that has come to live with him.  Oh, and apparently some of the most popular videos are of him taking a "bath" in warm water.  He obviously loves it quite a bit, as you'll see!  Personally I think this would get old pretty quick, you know, having your life revolve around this little guy.  But since it has become a "thing", I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.  Anyway the news story is below along with one of his videos.  Mom only feeds him organic food.