New iPhones and Apple Watch Announced This Week

Apple event?  What Apple event?  Ha-ha.  Used to be, I would hang on every word during these events, ready to blog the amazing news that flowed from Steve Job's lips.  Of course, Steve is no longer with us...and sadly neither is the exciting news, for the most part.  I even got busy at the station and forgot the event was happening!

If you are immersed in the iPhone culture like me (read: bought a bunch of apps and don't want to give them up), then one of the new phones might be for you.  I found this years event to be more evolutionary then revolutionary...the most expensive iPhone ever, faster processors (like always)...better screens and cameras (but then, other phones have had those for some time!)....and then there's the Apple watch.  A bit too pricey for my tastes, but adding the ability to take EKG's and the new "breath" function...we'll, that is pretty cool.

So, here I sit with my iPhone 6s, which still works perfectly fine...wondering when I will go int my carrier's store and order a new phone.  I know it will happen eventually, but it's just not as exciting these days. Happy shopping!  Now, learn all you need to learn about this week's event in this 90 second video.  

Click here for a list of new iPhone features. 

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