If Your Kids Love Legos Check Out 'Betrayal At Cloud City'

Mo and Sally were giving away Logoland tickets this past week Lego sets are all the rage, and with adults as much as kids.  the new ones for Star Wars (like the giant ships) are amazing!  Now they have just announced a new scene-'Betrayal At Cloud City" for an October 1st release (Lego VIPs can get it earlier).  

The set includes 4 main sections including 18 minifigures, a landing platform, a dining room with table, a sensor balcony that swings out, weapons like Han's blaster pistol and Chewbacca's bowcaster along with light sabers and more.  Heck looking at this thing I could play with it for hours myself!

The price tag?  A hefty $349!  I thought it was amazing when I was a kid, that I could build an entire house.  We had a set, and plans for a bunch of different houses, all of which I eventually built.  Today's are so much more advanced it's hard to believe.  Click here for more info. 

Scroll down to see the actual scene the new set is based on from the Empire Strikes Back, plus a YouTube Lego fanatic's take on the new set ...all below...

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