Car on I-95 Tries To Pass Palm Beach County Sheriff and Fails

So you know how it goes.  You're on the highway and there is a State Trooper, County Sheriff, or local police car that no one has the nerve to pass.  Usually they are going just slightly over the speed limit, so that's a wise move to just hang with the group.  But occasionally one car will goose it and try to pass.  I've seen this end badly once before with a Sheriff's pickup in Broward County.  This SUV toyed with the idea of passing for almost 15 minutes and finally gunned it.  The lights went on instantly and they were pulled over!  I get such satisfaction from seeing this kind of thing.  Like the tailgater or speed demon is finally getting their just desserts!   

Anyway, I'm driving home from work on I-95 the other night and there were a bunch of us behind a Palm Beach County Sheriff's car.  Of course, no one wanted to pass-and he was going just over the speed limit. Then a car comes up and tries to pass the cop.  Bad move-it was all captured on my new dash cam.  Check out the video below.