Dump Truck Goes Vertical, Hits Sign On I-595

I was driving to work on I-595 Wednesday (yes I live that far away from the station!)...and saw that the West bound lanes were closed.  The East bound lanes, where I was traveling, were slow and go thanks to the "gawker" effect.  

Apparently, a dump truck went vertical and crashed into the overhead sign.  It was all caught on dash cam.  See the video below.  Coincidentally, I too have a dash cam, but my view was not as good as this guy's since I was going the other way.  I grabbed a still frame from my cam when they were trying to haul the dump truck away.  At the time I thought: "what could possibly smash the back end of a dump truck?".  Apparently it's own weight smashing down on the road!  Check out the vid and my picture from the other lane below.

Dump truck hits sign and closes I-595!  My view from the other direction.


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