Curtis' Bachelorette Recap: Week 6

Ok here we are! I just got home from a movie and now I have to stay awake for this thing so I'm just going to hope that the rejuvenating powers of Jameson Irish Whiskey will get me through this harrowing experience.

So last week Becca brought the hoes...I mean "guys" to Las Vegas, this week she's bringing them to Virginia. Has this always been a travel show and no one told me?

What exactly is the point of this show having a host anyway? Like this guy pops up randomly from time to time and then that's it. Is he supposed to be Becca's fairy godfather?

Ok so Cuckoo Chris is still unhinged from last week. This dude has straight up crazy eyes right now. 

OMG and now Cuckoo Chris and Whack Panther (Lincoln) are sitting here arguing and it's seriously making me have to chug this Jameson.

I feel like every time I see an ad for this Proposal show, I lose several brain cells. 

This man Jason with the slick back hair is wearing a jacket with holes all in it. How much did you pay for that ugly thing, dude?

What the hell? These two just ended up at some kinda Edgar Allen Poe goth party. Like literally what is this date? If I get taken on a date to a goth party I'm running the opposite direction cus I do not have time for those demonic forces.

Wow! Becca is kissing all up on the Junk Jacket Jason dude. She must be into sob stories as well as run down clothing. That's dope Becca. Play on playa!

Becca is asking this man's best friends what they think about him like his boys are going to throw him to the wolves and tell all of his dirty laundry to the girl he's trying to get with. Psssh! They ain't gonna break guy code like that. 

Junk Jacket Jason just had the best sob story of all the guys on this show so far. 

Aw man! Colton, Garret, and Blake are all going on a date with Becca at the same time and I'm going to be so confused because I still can't tell them apart.

Junk Jacket Jason just got himself a well deserved rose and a kiss for being vulnerable or whatever. Now...I don't know how to approach this question but we're all adults here. I can't help but wonder is there like cut footage from this show where they show what happens after the long make out sessions? Do they legit just stop there or does Becca round them bases?

For this group date the guys and Becca walk into this place and are greeted by a George Washington and an Abraham Lincoln impersonator. I'm hella creeped out. 

i'm so confused, for some reason this date involves the guys having to debate each other...? Come on script writers, y'all can do better than this.

Whoop! Now Cuckoo Chris and Wack Panther are throwing shots at each other. This is so ignorant. Lolol. These two are too petty.

Ok imma be real with y'all, i just dozed off for like 15 minutes so I had to rewind the show back because I clearly missed some thangs. Why hast thou forsaken me Jameson?

Wack Panther and Becca were just having some one on one time and this dude Chris just interrupted their conversation. This man stays interrupting conversations. Becca is legit creeped out by this dude, which makes sense because he's mad creepy. Like his eyes are going full on psycho right now. 

OMG, Wack Panther and Cuckoo Chris are arguing a-freaking-gain. Come on!!! I should've stayed asleep. 

We're at the halfway point now. Ok, Curtis...push through, you can do this! 

Becca was just talking with one dude and then there was an edit and now she's making out with someone. Is that the same dude??? Oh no it's just Corny Colton. 

This man Wills just played the "I'm falling in love with you" card so that he can get them smooches. I see you pimpin! 

Hair (Leo) just showed up for his one on one date and Becca put this man on a small ass place. I'll tell you right now if she tried to put my butt on one of those little planes I'd quit the show on the spot. I ain't got time for that. Nuh uh! No way!

Hair and Becca are shucking oysters right now, whatever that means. All I know is that they say Oysters are an aphrodisiac and I have to imagine that they did this on purpose. 

Why are Hair's lips so damn greasy??? Did they have chicken for dinner?

LMAO at the bad guy music that they're playing when all of the guys are sitting here talking about Cuckoo Chris. This show needs to stop.

Ugh! Another corny country concert? Really?

Yooooo this man Cuckoo Chris just walked his cuckoo for cocoa puffs ass over to Becca's hotel room and she's totally terrified. I hope she has a panic whistle or something cus this man did not take his medication. RUN BECCA!!!!

LOL! I love how Becca is basically telling this man that he's creepy and needs to go home and then the camera instantly does a close up on Chris' face to see if he's about to start crying. 

I'm sitting here laughing to myself at how this dude went and huffed and puffed his way to Becca's room to get dumped. 

At the rose ceremony for tonight, Becca got rid of Swoop Hair (Connor) and Wack Panther.  She's cutting the drama out of her life.

There's six guys left now. Hopefully this means I'm almost done with this.

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